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An excerpt from 73 Notes sur la bande dessinée (73 Notes on Comics)

Comics Work magazineAn excerpt from 73 Notes sur la bande dessinée (73 Notes on Comics)by Barthélémy Schwartz Translated by Andrew White. The full translated text of 73 Notes on Comics will be published in Comics Workbook Magazine #4. There are three types of games to be played with images. These three types of games define by themselves the art of images in each of its particular forms, be it painting, cinema, or comics. We will see that in extending this notion of the image to that of territory, we can outline the relationship that comics might have with sculpture. There will be sculptures that are comics. The lack of a specific name to call comics will thus appear in its grotesque splendor; its very name is an obstacle to its development (it is even an obstacle for the French language; the words fumetti or comix do not in any way imply that a comic is indeed a bande dessinée, a drawn strip). Lire la suite